Saturday, December 28, 2013


Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful Christmas and I am so blessed. I can not help but look around at all of these toys and feel rotten about it though... 

I want to begin with what I got for Christmas years ago (yes, I am showing my age).  It was a Mrs. Beasley Doll.  I loved her!  I was so excited to get her that Christmas and I played with her for years. I still have her...even though she isn't in very good shape.  Point being, I remember that Christmas and that gift very well...and I was thankful and satisfied.

Kids these days get so many toys that they don't even know what to play with...We have toys everywhere! I can not tell you what Carson's favorite toy is. (He does love Spiderman, but does he need over 10 different figures of him?)  He says he loves them all and does not want to get rid of any of them.  He always expects more.  This is not the child's fault.  I am the one buying the gifts...and I still feel like I didn't get enough after I have been shopping.  Why do I feel that way?   

Carson has gotten extra spoiled through all of his medical problems and I am okay with that, but now he has to live in the real world. He wants, wants, wants.  I need to teach him better to appreciate, be satisfied, and be giving.  Is it an age thing too? (He is 4)  

Does too many toys make a child selfish?  I had a talk with my son about giving some of his toys to children that don't get any toys for Christmas. We got a bag out and I asked him to put some of his toys in the bag.  I am staring at the bag now and it has 3 toys in it. 

Carson has a small bedroom already.  When I go to getting rid of toys he loses it.  When I do it behind his back and he is looking for certain a toy...he cries and says I got rid of it.  (Who knew he would remember THAT toy?)

Anyway, I have been tripping over toys all morning and I wanted to share some thoughts and see how others feel about the subject.  Do your kids have too many toys?  Why have times changed so much? How are you teaching your kids to appreciate and be giving?

(I do need to add that Carson is a sweetheart and giving in many ways.  He is sitting next to me now sharing his jelly beans.  :-)  Maybe I worry too much?)

Dawn DeRossett