Monday, December 8, 2014

    We are having so much fun beta testing the IQUnite site! We are socializing, sharing, and having lots of fun! Don't you want to be a part of this before we go live to the public? Lots of great things are happening in December! 

    Are you tired of making social media Billions of dollars for all your activity that you do on social media and not get anything in return for it?!? Not even a simple, "Thank You!" Well, I am and that's why I have joined ‪#‎IQLIFE‬! The owners of IQLIFE are giving back to its users and we are getting paid on all our connections! As a matter of fact we are able to get paid on over 21.5 MILLION CONNECTIONS!!! Become a first inviter before we release to the public and start your journey to making a residual income that grows every month and changes your financial future!!! JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY!!!

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    This is from a leader in my upline and I couldn't have said it any better! This is my 5th month with this amazing company! I want to add...I am making residual income too....but ohhhh my what is going to happen very soon! Sooo Exciting!
    "I just realized this is my 8th month with ‪#‎iQUnite‬. How many people out there are still sharing the same business day in and out?
    This is very REAL everyone and it's closer everyday. I have been getting paid ‪#‎residual‬ income from media.
    I think it's funny when people try to tell me any different. This girl isn't Going anywhere! I am ‪#‎IQ4Life‬!! We are building a City, a foundation of ‪#‎Founders‬ that is about to shake the world! You can sit in the stands and eat popcorn watching or join in! I want you all to have a piece of what's coming but only you can pull the trigger!"

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