Saturday, October 4, 2014

Understanding the IQLife Opportunity and why you do NOT want to miss out!

IQLife is an affiliate program!  IQLife is introducing a new social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc…  The difference with this platform is that everyone joins for free through an invite and receives reward points for inviting others to join for free, for connecting and sharing.  Reward points accumulate and can be turned in for gift cards from over 100’s of the top stores.  They can also be turned in for Visa cards that can be used to pay bills, or to buy groceries, school clothes, gifts, and more!  You can also use your reward points to buy products or services on the platform.  There will be a marketplace similar to Ebay or Amazon without all of the high fees.  You will be able to buy, sell, or trade in you points through this Marketplace.

Once you join the platform as a free user you will see that we offer several different products and services.  If a free user purchases any of these for at least 9.95 they will be upgraded to what is called an affiliate, and be able to participate in the compensation plan.  Everyone they invite and they invite and so on will forever be linked back to them.  

The social media platform is LIVE now!  It is in a beta testing phase.   This October we will be bringing on all Brand Partners/First Inviters/Affiliates (All the same now) onto the platform to set up their profiles and start connecting with the people currently on the site testing.  This is the final phases.  The next phase will be to start sending out free invites.

TO PARTICIPATE NOW AND GET PAID NOW...Yes...IQLife is already paying people worldwide,  You can join us as a First Inviter!  A First Inviter is someone who joins before we start sending out the free invitations to the public.  This opportunity WILL GO AWAY once this happens.  That is why is is so important to JOIN NOW!  There are HUGE PERKS to joining now!  You will be in position for when we do flip the switch!  You will be able to start inviting all of your friends and family before someone else invites them!  Every time you invite someone and they invite someone and so on...they will all be forever linked to you as a First Inviter for life.  It is by invitation only!  Your connections can grow very quickly!

You will also get to be part of the first inviter join pledge.  It is a huge bonus all first inviters will receive once the platform matures and we can put a monetary value on each free user….YES!  We get paid on free users too.  It will pay retroactively all the way back to day one.  Some people will be able to retire on the bonuses alone.  This is not even counting the pay we get NOW off of the social grid and the matching bonuses!  
The REWARDS here are much greater that any risk.  :-)
DO NOT WAIT!  Join us NOW!  

I urge you to take a few minutes to watch 2 videos today.  I am part of a movement that is taking place and changing lives!  It is Real.  I am getting paid, and so are people all around the world.  
The first video explains the movement.  The second video will answer a lot of your questions.  You will hear from Ivy Johnson, one of the owners and his brother Kevin.  You will hear where the company started, where we are, and where we are going.
Explains the movement -
Hear from our owner -

Join HERE by Clicking on Subscribe Now and choosing the $9.95 option