Friday, July 18, 2014

iQLife has strategically aligned and signed an exclusive agreement with a brand new Social Sharing Platform that will soon be released called iQKonnect.

Do you want in on the ground floor of a Facebook type company? Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his dorm room, 2 showed up, and they are now billionaires! Can u afford to NOT get involved?

I are working with a company that believes the people who use a social media website, you and me, or the users should be compensated. We are the ones that make social media successful because we are on social media using it every day. But this company wants to reward the user. So when this is released everyone can use it for free! Your friends and family can use it for free just like Facebook or twitter. One difference, even the free members will earn points for connecting with people. Those points can be turned in for gift certificates or merchandise. BUT, right now we have the option to subscribe to be a First Inviter or, one who will get to be one of the first to use the website and then invite the world. By subscribing $9.95 /mo that opens up two different types of compensation for you. The company has a compensation plan in place to pay you for sharing with others who want to share with others information about this new social media. The next form of compensation comes later, when this company develops profit maybe 2 years, 3 or 4, they will pay back a portion of company profits to all subscribed members. Facebook is reported to be worth $140 billion in 9 years, as our company acquires profits like that, they are willing to share. I would say that is a lot of return for your $9.95/ mo. Wouldn't you? And, the owners are visionaries. They have versions 2,3, and 4 ready to go, and will be dropping even more ways to generate revenue to pay US subscribed members on
Here is a video you can watch to get a better idea of it

They aren't saying how long first inviters have. They just say...not much longer. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor, Just to be safe, I would do it now and start inviting some of your friends as well.
You will get your own log in and email. You will make your own page that they will go to sign up just like you will go into to sign up under me. After you sign up, I will add you to our group page on Facebook. There you can go into Files and download anything you find helpful. You can ask your potential friends to watch the video or invite them on a call.
They will email you your distributor number and password. You can start inviting instantly. Here is the site you go to subscribe.
I know this is a lot of info. Please let me know what kind of questions you may have.